Adam’s illegal trading starts to cut into Thomas’s profits, Thomas sends his right hand man to take care of him.

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               “You know my name’s gonna look ridiculous on any of these right?” I laughed looking over all the floral decorated samples of invitations laid out in front of us.

               “Well your name looks ridiculous on anything other than a Sesame Street commercial…” Molly smirked and then squealed as I grabbed and started tickling her. “Cookie stop!”

               I finally relented and held her close laughing with her.

               She smiles up at me, “C’mon it’ll be great, we’ll get some sort of weird nifty invitations, I’ll get a blue dress to match your hair”

               “I’m sure your grandma will love that.” I laughed, “I’m pretty sure she still thinks I’m an alien here to abduct her granddaughter… you wearing anything less than a full white traditional dress might be enough to finally push her off the edge and come at me with the cake knife or something.” And with that she shoved me off the couch sending me into the floor, the ensuing wrestling match that ultimately destroyed most of our samples ended with her sitting on my chest giggling and threatening my mohawk with a pair of scissors.

               Most of our attempts at planning ended similarly. Start out trying to be completely serious, and then within an hour be laughing and messing with each other so much we’d forgotten what we started in the first place. Somehow after months of this we’d sorted everything out, me still not being able to believe that she’d actually agreed to married me, or that I was getting married in the first place. We were so excited, I’m sure I drove Vince nearly insane with how much I would ramble on about it.

               I stood nervously as I waited impatiently for her, fiddling with the buttons of my suit. It was a beautiful day, not wanting to be stuck inside a stuffy church we had opted to have the service outside. Everything was set up by the lake, both our family and friends sitting in neat rows of folding chairs, the wind blew lightly through the leaves just beginning to change colors. Finally the music started, I looked up and stared. She was amazing, Molly was always beautiful but it was different, her anxious smile as she walked towards me radiating from her, instantly bringing a grin to my face. I held her hands, not being able to take my eyes off her, the preacher’s words becoming just blurred noises in my head. “I love you.” I whisper only loud enough for us to hear. We both said our vows to each other, slipping up a little between words from a mixture of nerves and excitement bringing awes and giggles from the crowd around us.


               “You may now kiss the bride.”

               I gently pull her towards me and lean in to kiss her-

               Suddenly everything went black, like someone had switched off the lights. It was raining, little streams of water flowing down the glass of a windshield before the wipers move them away. We were sitting in my car, Molly was beside me, smiling and telling some story about work. That’s when the headlights from a truck came speeding up out of control behind her…

               “Molly!” I jumped awake, the screech of metal and blaring of car horns echoing in my head as I tried to catch my breath. …We were only going out to meet some friends just a few days before the wedding that would now never happen. I looked over to Molly’s place in the bed… empty, just like it’s been since the night of the crash. 

The pub was full of the sounds and smells of the several drunken sailors that were spending all their shares on booze and women. Dahlia sat at a table in the corner, her dark leather hat hanging over her windswept hair and tanned face. She had maps and charts laid out across the table in front of her as she began to plot the pirate ship, Morte Damnari’s next course. Though the desk in her quarters would have been more apt for her work, after months at sea she was grateful to be off the swaying of a ship for a while. She focused on her work until her attention was brought to a dark haired man as he ducked through the doorway. What is he doing here? He had traded out his naval jacket and uniform for a simpler white shirt and trousers, but there was no mistaking who he was. The first mate to Captain Lewis Butler of the Royal Navy. Dahlia watched as he took a seat at the bar. The place was crawling with pirates, several of which would be more than happy to slit a naval officer’s throat. She sighs, Get out of here you idiot…

Vincent sat at the counter of the bar and took a drink as he listened to all the voices that surrounded him. Most of them were useless, drunken mumbles for another pint, horrible attempts to sing in key, but hidden amongst them were captains talking of where to sail next, plans of attack.

“Oi!” The voice caught him off guard and distracted his thoughts as he turned to the man standing behind him.

“Something I can help you with, mate?”

“Ya shot my ship down a month or two back…mate.” The man glared to him.

Dahlia folded the parchment, putting it away as the watched the scene unfold in front of her. The man lunged at Vincent, connecting his fist with his jaw before he had a chance to react. She watches as the fighting quickly escalate as others joined in. Vincent held his own but was soon out matched by everyone piling on for fun. She sighs, grabs a bottle and maneuvered her way into the middle of the brawl and smashes it over the biggest guys head, ducks down before he turned swinging catching a sailor behind her. The fight quickly turned into a free for all, punches and glass flying everywhere. Dahlia kneels down to Vincent, barely conscious on the floor, “C’mon!” She pulls his arm over her shoulders urging him to his feet. She managed to drag him to the door and outside in to the cool dark air and leans him up against the wall trying to get some balance, “Easy, they didn’t even get you that bad.” He looks up, trying to keep his eyes open, shakily pulls his blood soaked hand back from his abdomen. “…Jesus…” She puts his hand back over the hole the dagger tore through his body. “Keep it here, hold it tight.”

They make their way to the closest inn, Dahlia holding as much of his weight as she could hoping he didn’t pass out before they could make it there. “Eleanor,” She calls to the innkeeper, “Need a room.” She rolls her eyes looking to Vince, who was leaned against her. “This big lug can’t handle his rum worth a damn.”

He groans in pain and she sets him back on the bed and pulls out her flask. “This is going to hurt…” She takes his hand away and cuts through his shirt revealing the wound and pours the alcohol over it.

“Aaah!” he moans gritting his teeth but made no attempt to stop her, trying to keep as still as he can as she starts to work on stitching him up. He could feel his breath becoming staggered and his sight getting fuzzy. She stood over him as he tried to focus his eyes on her. “W-…why are you doing this?”

“…You saved me once too, I don’ t like being in someones debt.” The fabric split neatly into strips as she slit her sword through the sheets and wrapped them around his torso. She watched as his body relaxed and began to drift out of consciousness. “Shh. You’re going to be okay, you’ll be safe here.”

“Hey, it’s gonna be alright, ya?” I said desperately trying to calm the sobbing girl in front of me. Watching her be like this was like getting kicked in the chest and left me stumbling for how to react. She looked like when we were kids and she got bullied on the playground, looking down trying to hide her teary eyes behind her hair. …But what could I say to make this okay? “Lilli, it will be, I promise.”

She sniffed, trying to wipe the tears from her face, “How can you know that?”

“Because I promise…alright? No matter what happens, you know you’re always going to have Vince, Dahlia, and me. If ya need anything you know all you have to do is come get me.” She tries to manage a small smile to me. “…C’mon.” I said getting an idea, we got into my car and drove to the familiar road that led the park. At the edge by the swing sets, just a few minutes walk into the woods had always been our favorite place. There was a small clearing around the river that flowed through the woods. The water moved by at a slow pace, mirroring the stars that were just starting to appear in the sky. We used to run off here when things got bad or even when we just needed to get away, we’d always meet up here. It’d been months since she’d actually been out here with me, ever since she started seeing Danny I’d hardly seen much of her at all. We take our usual spots underneath one of the trees.

“…I don’t know what I’m going to do… I’m not ready for this.” she admitted quietly, she had stopped crying but her eyes still looked like they could begin to spill over at any time all over again. …How could he do this to her? She loved- probably still loves him, and he never thought of her as anything more than something for him to play with then toss aside as soon as he got bored and found something new. Heat started to swell up in my chest, the same feeling I got every time I saw the way he looked at her, every time I had to watch him kiss her, saw him take her home. I felt like it would be enough to make me burst every time I saw them together, now all I wanted to was go find him, show him what he had done to her.

“Levi, you okay?” I looked down to her, just realizing how I’d tensed up and how red my face must have been getting.

“Ya, I’m fine.” I say, trying to calm myself down and lean back beside her. “..Ya just deserve better than him, you should never be treated like that.” She smiled halfheartedly up at me. “I mean it. Whatever ya decide to do, you know you have people who care a lot about you. You’ll be okay, whether he sticks around or not.” I watched as she nods, lightly placing her hands over the tiny little bump starting to form on her lower abdomen. She always insisted it was obvious unless she wore something to cover it and felt like it was jutting out from her, but I never would have noticed it if I didn’t know to look for it. I watched her as we both laid back in the grass, silent except from the sounds of the water flowing by and bugs chirping. …Looking at her was like looking for stars in the night sky, the longer you looked, the more you saw. The way her hair cascaded its way over her face down to her shoulders and intertwined itself with the blades of grass beneath her head. The way that all she’d have to do is glace over at me and I’d be so caught up in her eyes that I’d lose the ability to speak.

She scoots closer to me and leaned against my chest softly. “Thank you Levi, for everything… You’re a great friend.”

I would have given anything to tell her all of it. How I felt about her. How stupid I was to not tell her before she even met Danny. That she was so beautiful. That I wanted to be with her no matter what. That I loved her. …But with everything she was being forced to deal with, the last thing she needed is something else to worry about, me unloading everything I felt onto her.

I wrapped my arm around and hugged her, smiling reassuringly. “Like I said, it’s gonna be alright. I’ll be right here if you need me for anything, ya? For you and for anyone else who comes along.”